PlayCulture Summit
If you work with play, want to develop your playful mindset, or want to connect with other play practitioners, then this is for you!
You are welcome to attend for any or all of the programme. The PlayCulture summit is 100% FREE and open to everyone (adults only please). We are LGBTQ+ friendly and encourage everyone to be who you are.
Excellent for meeting new people or bonding as a company
Fun, engaging and intense, my new favourite workout!
"We hope to boost the development of play projects big and small by sharing ideas and know-how from a diverse range of leaders."
PlayCulture Summit
Sorry, we don't have any events available at the moment. Please check back soon, or join our Meetup group.
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Event Details

The PlayCulture Summit is a one-day play festival to bring together play leaders from across the world to discuss, swap ideas and play together!

- Play Exchanges (Opportunities to try out games and activities from other leaders with discussion time afterwards)
- Play Workshops (Develop your skills, learn from other play leaders, challenge yourself, try something new)
- Directed Discussion Groups (Work together to discuss the future of play)
- Plenty of Social Time and Food Stops!

12:00 - Southbank - Meet and greet, lunch at the food market
13:00 - Warm Up Games
13:30 - Workshop 1 (PlayCulture)
14:30 - Games Exchange
15:30 - (Walk together to Green Park)
16:00 - Workshop 2 (TBC!)
16:45 - Workshop 3 (TBC!)
17:30 - Workshop 4 (TBC!)
18:00 - Food Break/Discussion Group
19:30 - Travel to King's Cross
20:00 - Night Games
22:00 - End

* Please note that we may film or take photos at our events, either for promotion or for our YouTube channel

Being at this camp brought me right back to my best childhood memories.. I was back in that carefree, joyful space where nothing else mattered. Forest, campfire, stars and lovely people having fun, playing games, that's what this was all about
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