PlayCulture is a community-supported movement focussed on creating fantastic games for adults
Play evolved.
Most existing outdoor games are very simple (usually designed for kids) and player success usually depends on physical ability alone. We are creating a new generation of outdoor games designed specifically for adults brains, that use your mind and your body.
For everyone.
The games and services we create are completely free to use and are free of ads. We're completely funded by the community we serve.
Happy brains.
PlayCulture aims to be mental health positive. Play is particularly good for mental health and is an excellent way to create long-lasting friendships.
I enjoyed playing Seetag! Ben explained the rules clearly and provided the materials needed to have a fun evening. I would recommend this game for active people :)
From being an apple farmer wielding a pool noodle in the dark woods, to being blindfolded and forced to rely on my team mates, I never stopped feeling like I was a kid again!
The organisers are friendly and courteous, and really care that everyone has fun
I loved every last second of Summer Camp. The creative games were fantastic, the chill outs in between, and all the interesting conversations with kind-hearted people
If you want to get involved or would like to collaborate then we'd love to hear from you!
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